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Our name has been formed out of two different words "Aviodrome" and "Simulator" and due to this our website immediately tells the visitor what our main goal is. Since february 2011 we are a Foundation for the Dutch law and records. From now on it is possible to book a special event in the Aviodrome where you can provide your invited guests a special flight or just a normal demonstration flight where they can take control of our simulator theirselves. For more information and booking you visit http://www.aviodrome.nl/events

Here at the Aviosim.org website you will be able to find out who we are, where we are and what we do. If you click on the news page you will see the most important news flashes and summaries. Besides you can click your way to our calender to see when we are online as well as our board with most important news.

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You are that curious that you want to visit our stand in the Aviodrome? Contact us by filling in the form on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Already visited the simulator. Please help us to optimise our service by filling out our question form which you can reach by clicking "Enquete" in the left menu.

Because we are part of the NL-2000 Scenery Design group we provide our visitors the possibility to download the NL-2000 scenery, you can find our own downloadpage at www.aviosim.thuisserver.nl:2000/NL2000/NL2000_download.php
We are also active on twitter! Browse to the twitter website and search for @AviosimOrg or just click the follow us button above!

Because the Aviosim project is running on volunteers and donations we provide our enthusiastic visitors the possibility to support us by making a donation. To do this you can click the PAYPAL donate button below or you can contact us through the contact form to get our bank account details as you prefer.


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