Introducing Freshchat – A better way to engage

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Aviosim recently switched to Freshworks to support our foundation. We have already been using Freshdesk helpdesk SaaS from Freshworks for our webshops. On our customers are able to read a FAQ and they can eventually create a support ticket for any questions regarding our webshop, our products and to request for support after they have purchased something from our webshop. Since there is a very agent friendly mobile app our volunteers are able to respond to tickets on the go reducing response times.

When Freshworks launched their new chat application we immediately started to use Freshchat too. Freshchat is not just a regular chat functionality for live chats on a website, it is providing a modern way of communication. We no longer have opening hours in our chat service. All customers and visitors are greeted by our assistant Robin. Robin will ask the customer for his or her name and e-mail to make sure we can always get in touch even if the connection is broken. All agents receive a notification on their smartphone and the first agent available will respond to the customer. If there is no agent available the customer may leave our websites. They will be notified by e-mail once an agent replied to their message and there is no need to keep waiting with our website activated. If we are closed Robin will explain the customer that there is currently no agent available but that the customer will receive a notification once an agent answered.

If the chat is completed our agents can eventually resolve the ticket and create a ticket in Freshdesk from within their Freshchat application. This is mostly used if an offer or invoice was requested through the chat. We can then follow up on the conversation within Freshdesk.

We are very pleased with the solutions of Freshworks. They produce high-end customer service applications for a fair and reasonable price. If you are a start-up you can reach out to them to request a special start-up price.

Please make sure to visit their website to read more about their software: Freshworks Homepage