New brand logo & style Sismo Soluciones

Sismo Soluciones is a very well known manufacturer for Boeing 737NG and Boeing 737 MAX cockpits. They supply hgh quality and professional ethernet driven plug and play modules as well as high-end components for home cockpitbuilders.

Recently Sismo Soluciones launched a brand new webshop providing the customer a better experience and they also introduced a new brand style with a complete make-over for their logo. We hereby present their brand new logo and would like to draw your attention to the variety of special offers they currently have. Please note that Aviosim is an official reseller and all their products can be found in our own webshop too:

Also note that we always guarantee a lower or equal price than you’ll find on their own website. Do you see a lower price on the Sismo official website, even with non-personal discounts applied, simply let us know and we will alter the price for you! Buying through the Aviosim webshop will provide you with excellent and professional Dutch customer support, Dutch consumer right warranties and protection and you will also support our non-profit targets!

We hope to see you see 🙂

Original blog report from Sismo:

After more than 10 years that Sismo is developing and providing solutions for the Flight Simulation Sector, it’s the moment to update our Brand, therefore we have changed our logo and the web platform.

The idea is to have a modern and better platform to provide our products and services to the client in a more efficiency manner. Currently not all the products are available in the shop, therefore, please be in contact with our Customer Service Department in the email for any query that you could have.

In the coming days all the products will be available, even we are increasing our portfolio with new products and others of general purpose to help the Simmers build a Flight Simulation.

When Sismo started in the year 2005, the market for low cost solutions was very reduced and the existing products were very limited and poor, using Wood and plastic for most of the solutions.

Sismo changed absolutely this approach and our Engineers developed solutions very close to the professional market, based on the experience in other fields of the technology and using high sophisticated factories to produce the components, metal casings and other solutions developed by Sismo.

Following our principles, despite some issues and unfair situations that we have suffered, we continue with the same enthusiasm to provide new and better solutions to our clients around the world.