Full scale replica of Boeing 737 Central Unit Display, look and functionality are reproduced with high details.

CDU737 is equipped with:

– custom made keyboard
– HDMI 640×480 color display with HDMI port to connect to the PC
– 5 pole daisy chain connection
-compatible with Project Magenta, Prosim737, PMDG737 and further developments.
The package includes also 12V 2A power supply adapter, 3 mt. long HDMI cable, fixing fastners kit and 1mt 5 pole cable.
This module allows the connection in daisy chain with all the other CPflight modules. It needs only MCP737EL/PRO/PRO2 to function.
To know more about the CDU compatibility with a specific add-on aircraft please refer to the “technical and documents” section. Logics, operating modes and aircraft way of behaving are managed by the software.
The module is complete and ready to use and does not require additional cards or software programming.
No need for PC software programs to configure CDU737 hardware.

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