737NG Pilot Seat (movable)


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Replica 737NG pilot seat. Available in two colours (grey and light). This seat is movable. We also offer you a fixed seat in our shop

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Key Features

Other Data

  • Scale 1:1
  • High quality seat replica Ipeco MOVABLE VERSION for Boeing cockpit simulators.
  • Grey Boeing colour for 737 and 727.
  • Brown Boeing Colour available.
  • Other colours on request.
  • All the seats are hand made, that is why there can be minimal differences in ended.
  • Washable tapestry industrial fabric with detergent for delicate clothes.
  • For synthetic leather, to clean with a product for synthetic leathers, and use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt.
  • The most strong steel construction, used for professional training simulators.
  • J-Rails with adjustable positions and self-lubricating system. No maintenance requires.
  • J-Rails have 1 mm width tolerance,so it has a minimum movement by pressing the brakes,completely normal.
  • Headrest adjustable.
  • Backrest adjustable.
  • Includes 5-point grey colour seatbelt with camlock.
  • Legrest adjustable individually.
  • Backrest up-down adjustable.
  • Armrest up-down 45 degrees from vertical position / in-out adjustable.
  • Forward-back adjustable seat.
  • Ground (complete up) to Flight position (complete down) is 7 cm.
  • Can adjust any position in this range.
  • Includes back-bag as real with livevest indicator.
  • Hand sewing indicators as real in both sides.
  • System for movements: Gas spring with stay wire bracelet.
  • Industrial gray fabric washable.
  • Grey synthetic leather without extra cost.
  • 1 wood box with pallet 130x66x82 cm.
  • Weight seat 50 kg.
  • Weight seat with wood box 55 kg aprox.
  • Maximun weight on armrest: 30 Kg.
  • Ready to be installed in any cockpit shell.
  • Easy montage.

High quality seat replica Ipeco MOVABLE VERSION for Boeing cockpit simulators.


Parts Included
  • Seat Belts
  • j-rails
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Choose between synthetic skin or industrial fabric (grey)
  • Conventional upholstery
Seat Regulation
  • Front-back
  • Leg rest. up-down
  • Back rest. Up -down & inclination
  • Arm rest
  • Set of four hydraulic actuators with position retaining



OEM Boeing Real Upholstery, Default upholstery

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