CDU BAY + Lower Display Unit


CDU Bay with Lower EICAS Display Unit, modelled after the B737NG unit.



This CDU Bay is a highly realistic, 1:1 replica modelled after the B737NG unit. It incorporates the Lower EICAS Display Unit and can house optional Control Display Units Plug&Play. Designed with great attention to details and resembling the original with significant accuracy, it was created to meet the expectations of the demanding and ambitious Customers.


– full-metal frame with all details for ultimate realism

– houses two Control Display Units (with CAN technology) – available as an option

– hi-res color display with a realistic bezel

– 1 x VGA input for the Lower EICAS Display Unit (each CDU requires additional VGA input)

– assembled and tested – ready for flight

The Bay operates as a Plug&Play device and is recognized as a VGA monitor. It is configured the same way any external display is – by setting the appropriate resolution and dragging the desired display onto the monitor (in Extended Desktop mode of Windows). The CDU Bay can house two simworld Control Display Units, but other panels might also fit – please contact us regarding compatibility.

If you already own a CAN device of simworld, you just add this bay, power it up with 230/110 VAC and you can start enjoying all its functions.

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