HOMELine – MIP Panel Package (Pro)


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Panels Package (Pro) in latest version.

Complete set of hardware to build your Main Instruments Panel. All panels are from our latest HOMELine. Can work with any supported aircraft for X-plane and p3d (ProSim:A320, Jeehell FMGS, Aerosoft PRO,  Flight Sim Labs*, Flight Factor, ToLiss, JaarDesign*).

This package includes:

  • HOMELine – Autobrake Panel,
  • HOMELine – EFIS Controls Panel CS,
  • HOMELine – EFIS Controls Panel F/O,
  • HOMELine – Landing Gear Lever,
  • HOMELine Tripple Gauge Panel,
  • PROLine – CHRONO,
  • PROLine ISIS Panel,
  • PROLine – T on ND Panel,
  • 12V, 30W Power Supply Unit DIN rail mounted, 7-ports industrial type USB HUB,
  • All required cables and fixing screws included,
  • SkalarkiIO Profiler software is required.

*) Interface is under development, but we can’t guarantee when it will be available. Please ask before placing order. This package is compatible with Viet Im Pott MIP panels.


Amber (12V PSU), Warm White (15V PSU)

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