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The Mode Control Panel is responsible for the operations of the in-flight autopilot. Once a plane is in the air, it’s usually time to engage the autopilot and grab a hot cup of stimulating coffee. While some might argue that you don’t purchase the simulator to fly on auto, it’s usually better to have one installed and be able to rest your eyes every now and then. Aside from being a vital part of the cockpit, the MCP is a state of the art piece of electrical machinery – we feel like proud parents sending their kid to college each time another unit finds a new home.

CAN technology is used for communication between panels in the simulator and the computer controlling them. A CAN bus provides stable operation and optimizes computer’s load. This industrial standard has been developed to function in electrically noisy environments and is widely used in aviation, automotive and maritime idustries.

The panel is 100% Plug&Play and ready to use out of the box, so there is absolutely no need for configuration or calibration. No drivers are required – Windows recognizes all simworld hardware like a mouse or a printer and the panels are natively supported by ProSim737. USB port can be switched during operation (no need for using a fixed USB port). All panels and gauges are fully backlit. All switches, rotary encoders and pushbuttons are functional unless otherwise noted.


– highly realistic, engraved panel
– aluminium backplate and casing
– aluminium knobs
– custom-made LCD screens with bezels – read below
– integrated backlighting – built-in PCB – as per a genuine unit
– adjustable brightness for backlighting and LCD screens
– motorized A/T switch with automatic release to OFF
– realistic, backlightable mode selector pushbuttons with accurate travel, feel and look – read below
– tactile rotary encoders
– no dummy switches or lights
– assembled and tested – ready for flight
– 100% Plug and Play: ProSim737 (natively supported), PMDG

This panel features details you will not find elsewhere. We have created very accurate mode control pushbutton switches. We went so far as to measure the switch travel on a real aircraft. We were also able to mimic the tactile feel and characteristic ‘click’ sound, as well as the unique backlightable legends.

This is the only panel available with independent backlight for upper (mode name) and lower (status light) lines of each key. Upper text is white when not backlit and becomes green as the backlighting intensifies. Status checkerboard can be lit-up individually for each key and even the number of engraved squares is the same as in the real-life counterpart!

Simworld does not use ordinary LED displays. This allows for accurate and hi-fidelity shape, color and size of each character including special signs for under- and overspeed conditions on the SPEED window as well as the „ ” sign on the V/S window – everything as per the real thing. Note that this is the only panel on the market featuring custom-made screens. Ordinary LED displays are unable to properly show the values and conditions on the windows. Each display features a realistic black bezel around for ultimate look and realism. Displays are dimmable via backlighting potentiometer on a Lower Main Panel – everything is based on the solutions found on the real aircraft.

Dimensions: 476 x 78 mm (W x H)
Module’s depth: 68 mm (behind backplate)

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 78 cm

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