Warpalizer Non-Commercial License


Please visit our dedicated store on http://www.warpalizernederland.nl for more information!




Desktop Warpalizer will allow you run almost any application in windowed and fullscreen mode with a warp and blend desktop.

Increase the productivity in your company or home by getting the most out of multi-tasking with multi projector seamless curved screens instead of LCD screens with thick bezels around.

Editing video, image or music will never be the same, no more switching between applications.

Watch fullscreen movies with your regular player and even play games without switching warp and blend software.

When starting your pc the Desktop Warpalizer will immediately start at the same time as Windows (After login).



  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Your graphics card must support extended desktop and taskbar
  • Latest DirectX version
  • Visual Studio Runtime redistributable
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