De makers van Virtual Performance Tool hebben een Pro licentie gedoneerd aan Stichting Aviosim Nederland. Wil jij jouw simulator ervaring naar een hoger level tillen? Bezoek de website voor meer informatie: Virtual Performance Tool Homepage

Zelf vertellen ze hierover het volgende:

We have created the most advanced Virtual Performance Tool for Flight Simulation.

Our goal is to bring your flight one step closer to reality by using the same tool real pilots do.

  • Advanced TakeOff Dispatch with different functionnality combined.
  • Landing Dispatch so you can plan your payload and fuel with your maximum weight.
  • Landing Enroute to check your braking requirements, recommended brake colling time and more.
  • Weight and Balance in order to stay within the prescribed limits.
  • Advanced Worlwide Airport Database that contains all the information required and is updated at regular basis.
  • Dynamic NOTAM change so you can comply with the active NOTAMs by temporary updating the data.
  • Use any MEL/CDL/NNC items to include failures and adapt the performance calculation accordingly.
  • Extended Manual and video tutorials to learn how to use our tool.
  • API key to use your subscription on any compatible third party tool.
  • FREE Demo to try it all before buying.



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